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It's about time I posted....

Driving home from the airport, I thought all about what must be going on. I'd tried to stay in DC until Spike came... but all the flights were booked after tonight's. So I stayed at the airport until midnight, going around to all the cafes for as long as I dared. I hate being out after midnight, it's so creepy. Anything can jump out at me and mug or murder me, Patrick Swayze style.
Trying to be quiet, I shut and lock the front door behind me, trying not to wake anyone up. If Spike's here already, like I hope he is, I'll catch it from Buffy for not telling her anything. I walk up the creaky stairs, trying to miss the third from the top, the loudest one. Pull open the attic door, I walk up the steps, and poke my head in. I fumble for the flashlight I keep by the stairs, just to make sure nothing's up here. Willow calls me paranoid, but I see nothing wrong with being careful.
I flip the switch and the light on the ceiling comes on. I say hi to my Aragorn poster on the wall... habit, I guess. It gets lonely sometimes in the attic, and I don't really feel like I belong when I'm with the Scoobies. Mr. Giles got me internet access and cable, trying to make it feel like home, I guess. But I don't feel like watching TV or surfing the net, so I just get ready to go to bed.
There's not much room up here for a big bed, just a mattress with a bunch of sheets.... so I change into a white t-shirt and my red Darth Vader boxers and climb in. I turn on my lava lamp, and reach over to the lightswitch and turn off the overhead light.
Not a bad end to a day full of airline food.
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