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Hot chocolate run!

Hot chocalte, that's sound super yummy, I thought as I crept down the stairs. Okay, which cabnet is it in? Oh yea, the right one. I walked over an carefully opened the cabinet door, grabbed a mug, a pack of hot chocolate and some of those little marshmellows. I turned the hot water on, running the water for a few to get it hot, dumped the mix in and stirred. I was about to sit down at the kitchen table, when I heard voices coming from the back yard. I crept closer to the door. It was Spike talking to Buffy. Probably shouldn't listen, I thought. "But... Dawn." I heard Buffy say. "What about me?" I asked stepping into the doorway.
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"Little bit has big ears, eh?" I said, smiling at her. "Buffy and I were just talking over some things. Living arrangements."
"Um...Dawn?" I said...not knowing what her reaction would be. "How would you feel about moving? With Spike?" I asked, a encouraging smile spreading across my face. If she said she'd like it, it would all be okay. Hell, if need be, I could get a job until Spike got on his feet. It wouldnt be much of a problem.
"What? Moving in with Spike? That would be so DAMN cool! we could get a dog and an x-box and a yard with those ugley flimingos, or maybe we could do without the flimingos..."
"Yeah, and get my boyfriend obsessed with 'Halo'....Great. And the flamingoes are OUT." I said, turning towards Spike. "So...what do you think?" I asked, flashing a genuine-buffy-smile.