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3:00..... Giles' Kitchen

"Hey, everyone!" I yelled as I went into the kitchen. "Hey, Nibblet," Spike said entering the kitchen, "Who do you have here?" He asked reguarding the girl behind me. "Hey. I'm Fae," She said. "Accually, Spike, Can I speak to you in the hall? We'll be back in a bit," I said walking towards the hall. "Okay. Fine by me. Ya got any sodas?" Fae asked. "In the fridge," I said leaving the room with Spike behind me. "So, bit, Whats wrong?" Spike asked as soon as we cleared the room. "Oh. Nothing. Except Fae is a Slayer as in the not so potential variety," I said quickly. "Are you sure?" Spike asked looking into the kitchen where Fae sat on the counter, drinking a soda. "Yeah. Really sure. She through a boy across the room and through a wall," "Oh. Well, Seems like shes a slayer. There's something fimiliar about her...." he trailed off. "Could be she's like a Faith clone," I suggested. "Who's a Faith Clone? And Do NOT tell me you wore that to school today." I heard Buffys voice coming down the stairs behind me.
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