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(( This thing is finally workin'! XD ))

Well, I think I'm ready. After that whole thing with Sunny-D I needed to take time to myself.. and only with myself. Back again to the Motel thing, yay, go me.

This whole thing venturing down the road of redemption ain't that bad. I mean, I still have a lot of work to do on myself. Problem with this though I'm beginning to have really wicked nightmares on what I've done. I feel guilty on what I did to B and the others.. I'm not really expecting anyone to forgive me.


The flight was almost too long for me to handle. I'm just glad it's overwith. So.. this is London? Giles left me the address everyone was headin' to before they left.. I only hope I don't get lost around 'ere.

Giving the address to the taxi, I sat back into the seat with much anticipation and thoughts as the car drove on. I honestly don't think that Mr. G expected me to actually take the invitation. But hey.. what's the worst thing they can do. Kick me out? No big.

I made my way to the door as slow as I possibly could. And with a deep breath as well as clutching my hands into a fist, I lightly knocked.

"'ey! Anyone in there?"
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"Faith?" I asked as I entered the kitchen. "Yo! Xander!" She exclaimed, pulling Xander into a tight hug. "Woah! Feeling the need to breath," I said gasping for breath, surprised by Faith's openness.
A huge grin embraced my dark painted lips as I slowly pulled away. "Whoops.. sorry 'bout that," I snickered, stepping into the house while throwing my bag upon the floor. "Hot chick with super powers.. almost forgot 'bout that."

Meeting the same stunned and casual expression as upon Xander's face, I try to find a way to make some convo before heading off to take a shower. "Well," I began, "looks like the Xander-man built a good set of muscles there."
"Um... Yeah, You tend to do that when you build a house." I said looking at Faith. She looked EXACTLY the same as she did when she 'went soul serching'. "So... Where's the gang? Ya know B. and Willow," She asked. I was about to answer when I heard Willow's voice from behind me. "Well, Part of the gang is here."
"We are?" I called perkily, stepping up behind the Xand-Man. "Did I hear someone mention my na--" I paused in mid-word, catching sight of the so-called Dark Slayer. "Faith!" I cried, my expression of shock slowly warming to a grin. "Fancy seein' you here!" I paused, not really feeling that a hug would be appropriate. "What brings you to this side of the world?"
My eyes quickly swivel upon the witch as she approaches, my grin never faltering. "Hey Will," I greeted, myself not even sure that a hug would be appropriate. They never exactly.. hugged. "How's it hangin'? Goin' good with Kennedy?"

Feeling a bit uncomfortable, my gaze switched to look about the house.. slowly breathing in. "Well, the big G said y'all were gonna be headin' here and y'know.. not being able to keep away from you guys I decided to drop in."

Already my body is feeling worn from the long trip. "I tell you what though," I said with a snicker, a somewhat playful disgusted look forming upon my features. "I smell like a man."
"Not really seeing the man thing... might be the whole Y chromozone, thing," I said looking at her. She does kinda smell like a man, I thought. "So, You planin' on stayin' here, cus ya know, I have a guest bedroom at the lodge that you're welcome to use. There's even a bathroom," I suggested.
I shifted a little uneasily as Faith mentioned the K-Word. Not a whole lot, just enough. "It's... hanging..." I said quietly. "Kinda hangishly."

Taking the subject-change with a sigh of relief, I replaced my uneasy wince with yet another grin. "Trust Giles to keep our secret relocation a, y'know, secret," I said with a smirk. "Not that you're, uhh, unwelcome or anything." Rolling my eyes slightly at Xander's oh-so-helpful suggestions, I coughed discreetly.

"But, uhh, yeah. Man-smell. I hear a hot shower's good for that." Gesturing kinda vaguely towards the stairs, I offered less-than-helpful directions to "just keep going up, you'll hit the bathroom sooner or later."
"Unless I have any unknown family members here, I guess that's the plan." I smirked, cocking my eyebrow slightly as I leaned forward to grab my bag again. "Unless y'all or B prefer me to get a motel or somethin'.. because I have no problem with that."

I blinked to Willow's comment on Kennedy. "Meh.. this is why I don't like commitments."

My expression seems to brighten at the mention of the bathroom, however, and I automatically move myself ahead. "Show th' way, hero," I grinned. "I could use a shower."
I'd sat in Buffy's room for a while, waiting for her to come back. My stomach growled slightly. Not likely she'd have any blood in the fridge, but I could eat some nachos to stave off the pains. I stepped out onto the landing and was startled to see a familiar face.
"Faith!" I said. "Bloody hell, is everybody from Sunnydale here?"
"Well look who's up and kickin'," I chuckled as Spike comes into my view, a smirk brushing across my lips. "Hey sparky." I continued to make my way toward my destination, the need for a shower still heavily on my mind.

"Blame the big G. Seems like he's invitin' everyone."
"I wasn't exactly invited," I said. "But they seem pleased enough to see me. I'll catch up with you later - it's been a long time."