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(( This thing is finally workin'! XD ))

Well, I think I'm ready. After that whole thing with Sunny-D I needed to take time to myself.. and only with myself. Back again to the Motel thing, yay, go me.

This whole thing venturing down the road of redemption ain't that bad. I mean, I still have a lot of work to do on myself. Problem with this though I'm beginning to have really wicked nightmares on what I've done. I feel guilty on what I did to B and the others.. I'm not really expecting anyone to forgive me.


The flight was almost too long for me to handle. I'm just glad it's overwith. So.. this is London? Giles left me the address everyone was headin' to before they left.. I only hope I don't get lost around 'ere.

Giving the address to the taxi, I sat back into the seat with much anticipation and thoughts as the car drove on. I honestly don't think that Mr. G expected me to actually take the invitation. But hey.. what's the worst thing they can do. Kick me out? No big.

I made my way to the door as slow as I possibly could. And with a deep breath as well as clutching my hands into a fist, I lightly knocked.

"'ey! Anyone in there?"
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